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Crafty solutions to add extra storage to your home Posted On 07 December 2022

Having a place for everything can help to make your space tidier


Cleaning your home can feel so much easier and satisfying when doing it in a tidy space.

However, many of us may find ourselves buried underneath belongings as we run out of storage space.

There are a number of simple and dynamic storage solutions you could consider introducing to your home to make sure there is somewhere to put everything away.

Here are a few of our tried and tested solutions.


Understairs storage


Many houses have a lot of empty space underneath the stairs.

If boarded in, the space beneath your stairs could be hollowed out and converted into a fantastic piece of storage.

You could use a combination of draws, racks and boxes to craft some great additional storage.


Moveable kitchen island


Those with ample space in their kitchen could consider adding an island into the middle.

While fixed structure can cost a pretty penny, there are islands on wheels which can be purchased for a reasonable price.

Not only will this add additional surface area to your kitchen and help to break up an open space, this will also come with plenty of storage.


Hanging pots


Staying in the kitchen, many of us may find our cupboards filled with awkwardly stacked pots and pans.

One solution to this and to clear a bit of room for other items to be stored away is to hang your pots from the ceiling.

Whether investing in a stylish rack, which can hang over your worktops or using individual hooks on the wall, this can prove to be a transformative solution to your kitchen storage.


Board-up your loft


A loft space can be a fantastic place to store away items which you do not use too often.

However, exposed beams and awkward angles can leave it quite difficult to use the whole of these loft spaces.

By adding loft legs and boards, you can create a sturdy base for additional storage in your loft.

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