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Here’s a reminder of pesky chores around your home that we all easily forget to do Posted On 06 July 2022

Some seem like small things to do but they keep your home looking great


Keeping on top of the vast array of jobs and chores that come with running a household can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming.

Certain tasks, like vacuuming, cleaning worktops and tidying rooms up, can be quite easy to remember and keep on top of as when they are not regularly completed, it is very clea for all to see.

However, each home has that select number of jobs that are so easy to forget about and can sometimes be left uncompleted for far longer than they should be.


Make a list and get organised


A great way of keeping organised is to create a good old list.

Organise your list into jobs that need to be completed on a daily, weekly, monthly, or even seasonal basis.

Check off what needs to be done as you complete them to give yourself a good sense of accomplishment.

When your list is complete, it can then be easily split amongst the members of your household to make sure everyone is lending a hand and keeping the house presentable.


Don’t forget about the little ones


When dividing the housework up, do not forget about the children.

Giving them a certain room to keep tidy or by delegating them a certain task each week, you help to teach them responsibility and the rewards of being tidy.


Jobs you may forget to do


One task around the home that is so easy to forget to do is to clean your skirting boards.

When we are busily rushing around the house preparing for visitors we may not even notice the state of the skirting boards.

Giving them a good scrub can instantly change how clean a room looks.

Also, remember to pull out any moveable appliances and fridges in your kitchen and give behind them a good sweep and clean, as these can be a source of foul smells.

When completing your weekly dust, do not just glance the duster across each photoframe on the wall, remember to run in along the actual top of the picture frame, which can gather a thin layer of dust.

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