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Level up your bathroom decor with these tips - even if you are renting Posted On 06 October 2022

Just because you do not own your home does not mean you cannot make it look good


Decorating or levelling up your home is a great feeling and can be a brilliant thing to do at the end of a tough week at work to improve your mood.

One room that always deserves a bit of care and attention is the bathroom.

With many people renting their homes, you can be left stuck with few options of changes you can actually make while adhering to your tenancy agreement.

It is always crucial to clear any major changes to a rented property with the landlord or property agent before you proceed to make sure all parties are happy with the changes.

However, there are many decoration ideas you can use to give the bathroom a fresh feel without making permanent changes.


Invest in a new - and bold - shower curtain


A shower curtain can sometimes feel like just a necessity in the bathroom but it is a brilliant chance to add a bold pattern or colour to the room.

Rather than just keeping a plain white or beige curtain, consider investing in a statement shower curtain.

These can very easily be taken up and put down so you can store the original curtain, which can be put straight back up when you move.


Add some art


Most of us hang our favourite and most cherished pieces of art and pictures in rooms such as the kitchen or lounge.

However a bit of well placed art in the bathroom can really brighten up the room and add a real classy feel.

There are a number of hooks and materials available to only temporarily hang objects on the wall which are easy to remove and do not leave a mark - ideal for those that are renting.


Temporary flooring


There are a range of vinyl flooring tiles which can be peeled and stuck down, which are ideal for renters.

You can transform the flooring of the bathroom using these tiles, by deciding on a pattern or design that you love, which can also be easily removed when you move elsewhere.

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