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Websites to find volunteer roles near you to allow you to give something back Posted On 04 July 2022

We all think about giving back to the community from time to time


We may all lead busy lives these days but there is always spare time to dedicate to helping others.

Volunteering in some capacity can be a very satisfying, rewarding and thoughtless activity to partake in.

Companies, charities and sporting clubs across the country are regularly crying out for manpower to help support their activities and keep their groups alive.

Groups that benefit the whole community are regularly at least partially led by volunteers, such as Scouts, Guides and even more recently, the Government’s coronavirus vaccination roll out programme.

If you have ever considered wanting to volunteer, it may be tricky actually finding groups or roles that would be suitable to you.

Luckily, the internet can be used to search your local area for volunteer jobs you may want to give at least a bit of your time to.

Many borough, district, county and wider councils actually have dedicated sections on their websites for available voluntary roles available in their respective area.

Examples include helping out at Citizens Advice, child support and mentoring and even driver voles in passenger transport operations to help transport vulnerable adults and young people to various locations around the area.

Take a look at your local council’s websites to see if there are any roles appropriate to you.

Other websites you can use to find volunteer roles are the broad range of jobs boards and sites online.

Sites such as Indeed and Reed are used by jobseekers and recruiters alike to post and apply for new job opportunities.

However, many of these employment websites also have search options exclusively for voluntary roles.

This provides a widespread outlet for companies and groups to post what help they require and find a good amount of applicants.

Finally, as previously mentioned the NHS is working with St John Ambulance to continue rolling out the coronavirus vaccination programme.


Anyone who wants to join this team of selfless volunteers can do so by applying online.

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